A Guide to Understanding Continuous Integration CI

The goal at this stage of the CI pipeline is to ensure that the codebase passes inspection. Whether you’re using trunk-based development or feature branches, it is important that developers integrate their changes as soon as possible on the main repository. Every change that passes the automated tests is automatically placed in production, resulting in […]

15 Best Cloud Based Security Solutions and Products for Business 2023

Content Hardened Access with Multifactor Authentication Small Mid-Sized Businesses Types of cloud-based services Top Database Certifications Cloud vs. on-premise security: What is the difference? Client Policies Qualys Cloud Platform Data is secure and always accessible, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Cloud security is a broad set of technologies, policies, and applications that are applied […]

Hire a Vetted Freelance Front-End Developer

Content Front-end web development How You Hire Front-end Developers from ScienceSoft Hiring a Front End Developer: Skills to Analyze How are Toptal front-end developers different? Best back-end engineers I’ve ever worked with…​ Can I hire front-end developers in less than 48 hours through Toptal? Optimized Page Loading Times Being a top-notch front-end development company in […]

What is An Embedded System: Definition, Types, and Use Delivering IT Innovation

Only trivial designs are completely comprehensible (to most engineers). Excessively conservative rules of thumb dominate (such as always grab locks in the same order [5]). Concurrency theory has much to offer that has not made its way into widespread practice, but it probably needs adaptation for the embedded system context. For instance, many theories reduce […]